Welcome to the New Zealand Macadamia Society

The New Zealand Macadamia Society promotes the development of a sustainable macadamia industry in New Zealand.

Macadamia varieties have been extensively trialled in New Zealand and cultivars are available which are successful in our growing conditions. The NZMS provides a national forum for the exchange of information and encourages research into all aspects of the industry. 

Field days, seminars and a website provide a practical framework for development of industry guidelines and standards. The NZMS is a small horticultural organisation, nevertheless, it represents members to other organisations, governmental authorities and the media.


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2017 Complying With The New Food Act

The New Food Act:
What it means for business

Membership Benefits

* Acces to the our Facebook page where you can ask and discuss all things Macadamia.
* Field day invites
* Updates on GVB and Guava moth
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The New Zealand Macadamia Society (NZMS) represents some 70+ growers, processors and others with an interest in macadamias.

The NZMS provides a wide range of information to members. It is developing the Macadamia Accreditation Quality Standards, Mac-acc program, for orchard best practice. This work is important for quality purposes, to comply with food safety standards and to ensure traceability.

Adopted by growers it could also provide guidelines should industry wide challenges present themselves such as has happened with PSA in kiwifruit.

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Growing Macadamias

On the Facts page you will find a brief introduction to growing macadamias in NZ. This covers points to consider from orchard location through to nut packaging.